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Alignment Experts

This Will Lift You Up

Here’s the “straight” talk on alignments at Corton Tire Automotive. With our state-of-the-art lift, we can do alignments on all kinds of vehicles – domestic and imported cars, vans, and trucks (450s, 550s flatbeds and box – up to 18,000 pounds). Our ASE-certified team guarantees expert alignment, suspension repairs and maintenance.

Proper Alignment Improves Your Vehicle and Ride in Many Ways

Corton alignment service can add life to your tires, improve fuel mileage and give you better handling for a smoother, improved ride.

Feel your vehicle pulling to one side? Is your car vibrating or shimmying? That means your wheels are out of alignment, possibly from hitting potholes or driving on rough roads. That also means your tires are wearing unevenly and will wear out more quickly.

Corton uses the latest tech tools and methods to make sure your wheels are within the manufacturer’s recommended alignment settings. We will straighten and align wheels, balance tires plus optimize your ride by rotating tires, checking their pressure and more.

Steering and Suspension

Corton Tire Automotive also offers:

  • Inspections (shocks, struts and springs)
  • Installations, replacements, tuning, and repairs
  • Front-end & 4 wheel alignments (also 4×4 high performance vehicles)
  • Inner and outer tie rods
  • CV joints
  • Rack and pinion
  • Ball joints, wheel bearings, and suspension related bushings

Thorough Service. Fast Turnaround.
We pride ourselves on that rare combination of thorough service and fast turnaround. It’s important for us to keep you on the go – but also to keep you safe. As with all our services, Corton will show you the work that needs to be performed and explain it with straight talk and no high-pressure sales.

Wagner Brakes
Moog Chassis
Ford Motorcraft
Walker Exhaust Systems
Toyo Tires

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